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Are you coming to Mexico for Vacation, Remote work, or Bachelor party? You are looking for dancing or func activities? Then ISM is the perfect match for you

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You need choreography for your wedding? or you are busy and you cannot join group class? then come to Private class

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Spice up your bachelor party with a thrilling salsa class! Learn hot moves and have a blast with your crew before the big day.

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Our bootcamp is from 10 AM - 12 AM, starting from every Monday! Private Bootcamp is also availalbe
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International Community in CDMX

It is really difficult to meet people once you start to work! We love connecting people through dancing, group trip and language exchange!

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we have become a top community in CDMX

Salsa class and party

Not only Salsa, we travel, work, go to parties together.

Best Place to make friends

Our priority is connecting people

Great teachers

Our teachers are experienced and have great skills.

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You can always contact us through Instagram and whatsapp

Not only dance school

International Community

We (ISM) are an International Salsa Meetup where we can grow together and make you feel at home! Why is the salsa best way to meet people? Because we always meet a lot of people and take a class together!

Never Danced? No worries

Learn Salsa and Stay to meet people

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You do not like dancing?? Do not worry we have also more activities.

We also organise travel, are you not sure how to go there? sure we can organise it for you!

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ISM Studio, Cerrada de Hamburgo 4, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX

Kentaro Yoneda


My name is Kentaro, I am a salsa bachata teacher from Japan, I came here on vacation and fell in love with Mexico like everyone else. So I started International community where international and local people can meet and dance together.

Are you new to Mexico or do you like to make new friends? Then come to ISM (International Salsa Meetup). No experience needed, no partner required, feel free to join our ISM community and say hello! Why does the Japanese guy organise salsa in Mexico? How did he get his working Visa? Does he also have a Japanese restaurant? You like business? Come to talk to me from my instagram!